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    Good morning, everyone.

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    If you’re going to read just one wonderful Adventure Time write-up today (and you should), make it this one by Maria Bustillos. In it, she talks with the key creative gang of Pen, Adam, Pat, Kent, Rebecca, Nick, and Jack, making for a fairly definitive overview of the series. Read it here. Thanks, Maria!

    The resolution of each eleven-minute episode is anything but tidily triumphant; each one is as likely to end on a question or a joke as on an answer. Yet one comes away satisfied, a little bit the way one might at a David Lynch movie. The narrative is endlessly malleable, and includes all the possibilities granted by the existence of wizards and magical creatures, time travel, and a huge, ever-evolving cast. It’s a canvas and a story big enough for dozens of artists to make their own way. Even the drawing style is inconsistent, handmade-feeling; longtime fans may learn to detect the hand or voice of a favorite storyboard artist or writer. The goal of the show seems to be exploration, not uniformity.


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    Titus Andronicus
    Tried To Quit Smoking

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    Rachel Sussman documents The Oldest Living Things In The World

    1) Antarctic Moss, (5,500 years old; Elephant Island, Antarctica)
    2) La Llareta (Up to 3,000 years old; Atacama Desert, Chile)
    3) Spruce Gran Picea (9,550 years old; Sweden)
    4) underground Forest (+3,000 years old; Pretoria, South Africa) DECEASED
    5) Dead Huon Pine adjacent to living Population segment (10,500 years old; Mount Read, Tansania)
    6) Jōmon Sugi, Japanese Cedar (2,180-7,000 years old; Jaku Shima, Japan)


    Rachel Sussman’s book, which was a project in 2010, had its official launch yesterday! 

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    8-Bit Star Wars by Christopher Lee [dribbble | website]

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    oh my god this is beautiful

    The artist has a few other really lovely comics! I’ve added a source so you can see them.


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    Animated artwork by Rebecca Mock

    Fine, detailed and subtle animated artwork created by New York illustrator Rebecca Mock. Apparently the animated gif back to stay, gradually more and more people are exploring this old format and customers asking for shouting. Several of these illustrations were created for the New York Times or The Warlus magazine.


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    Here is part three of my sketch comic Ducks, with maybe one more part to go.  

    For parts one and two, and more info, go: here.

    This is beautiful work.

  14. Anja Niedringhaus/AP
    Anja Niedringhaus/AP
    Anja Niedringhaus/AP
    Anja Niedringhaus/AP
    Anja Niedringhaus/AP


    In Memoriam: Anja Niedringhaus

    Anja Niedringhaus, a courageous and immensely talented Associated Press photographer, was killed while covering elections in Afghanistan on April 4, 2014.

    An Afghan police officer opened fire on Anja Niedringhaus and Kathy Gannon from the Associated Press in a police headquarters in Khost province, after the women arrived with a convoy of election materials on Friday.

    Niedringhaus died almost immediately from wounds to her head, a health official said, and Gannon was taken to hospital with less serious injuries after being shot twice. She later underwent surgery and was described as being in stable condition and talking to medical personnel. Both were veteran correspondents with long experience covering Afghanistan.

    Afghanistan, once a relatively safe place to work, has become increasingly deadly for journalists in the run up to the elections. Just last month Swedish-British radio reporter Nils Horner was shot dead in downtown Kabul. Days later Sardar Ahmad of the Agence France Press was gunned down, along with his wife and two children, in an attack on a luxury hotel in Kabul. His youngest son, two-year-old Abuzar, survived several gunshot wounds.

    Niedringhaus has long been recognized for her expertise in gaining a subject’s trust and photographing them with a style that is immediately recognizable. Her attention to detail, composition and light come together to not only tell insightful stories but also to create works of art. 

    She worked for the European Press Photo Agency before joining the AP in 2002, based in Geneva. She had published two books. She was the only woman on a team of 11 AP photographers awarded the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography.


  15. "The researchers found that that sad music has a counterintuitive appeal – it actually makes people feel better. Sad songs allow listeners to experience indirectly the emotions expressed in the lyrics and implied by the (usually) minor-key melodies. The sadness may not directly reflect the listener’s own experiences, but it triggers chemicals in our brain that can produce a cathartic response: tears, chills, an elevated heartbeat. This is not an unpleasant feeling, and may explain why listeners are inclined to buy sad songs and why artists want to write or sing them."